Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Chin-Up Bar...FAIL

I need to install a chin-up bar in my home gym. I don't want to tear out a wall to do it.

So, I found an easy-breezy chin-up bar. Got it at a good price. You put it together, and it fits over a door frame without installation. I bought it, got home, was uber-excited for the new addition. Assembly was a snap (I love kits that include the tool for the screws and bolts).

Sadly, the door frame in the basement and the chin-up bar will not be friends. One side, just above the frame, is obscured by a big, metal vent, which is where the top of the chin up bar needs to rest.


Looks like if I want to use the chin-up bar, it's going to have to be used somewhere upstairs. I'm afraid if that happens, it's going to be used more for hanging my scrubs or bras while they hang dry.

Now looking for other options...

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  1. I can only do pull-ups with the help of a large machine at the gym called the Gravitron, or some shit like that. It basically counters my weight with helpful weight of its own to help pull me up, so instead of me trying to heft 210 pounds in the air, I'm only hoisting up 35 - 40. It's not much, but it's something!

    It's a fun machine now, but I can't lie about crying when I first started using it several years ago. It reminded me of all those damned Presidential Fitness Test things I had t do throughout primary education. When I'd get up and try to do a pull up, and wind up just hanging there. I hated that shit.


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